A Dutch family by the name of Van Zyl arrived in the Cape in 1761, and while many families came to grow food and raise cattle for the passing ships, the lure of adventure proved too strong and the Van Zyl’s trekked into the interior and established themselves on a very large landholding called Goedemoed which means good courage or courageous.
Courage was obviously required to enter the wilds of Southern Africa. Their private landholdings became recognised by the Dutch East India Company.
During their time at Goedemoed they had 11 children, 5 daughters and 6 sons. Over time the landholdings were divided among the children of the family.
The 8th child, a daughter by the name of Martha van Zyl married a young man of French Huguenot decent called David Roux in 1791.
As part of her inheritance Martha received a piece of land. In order to give status to her beloved husband David she decided to call the farm Rouxvale. Literally meaning Roux Valley.
There they made their home and planted vines and fruit trees on the land – to this day Rouxvale is primarily known for its vineyards.

Our Wine

Our Wine

Our Wine


Giving Back

We are committed to providing fair, decent living and working conditions for our people.

Housing is provided for farm workers and their families on the estate and Rouxvale helps to maintain these houses by assisting with repairs and maintenance. All houses have been equipped with solar powered water cylinders, this not only helps to reduce the cost of living for our staff but also provides them with access to warm water.

To provide our people with better food security and an additional source of income, a piece of land has been set aside for them to grow their own fresh produce.  This produce is sold locally and our farm workers’ keep 100% of the profits.

While our staff are at work, we want them to have peace of mind and know that their children are being taken care of after school hours at our After-school club.  This facility provides a safe environment for children to complete their homework and participate in sports and recreation under supervision.

Skills development programs are offered to all employees, this allows them to take responsibility for their own physical and mental well being and growth.  Some of the programs offered;  first aid course, substance abuse awareness program, conflict resolution etc.

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